Things to Know About Malibu Media Lawsuit

a7.PNGMalibu media is one of the most popular media company that is known to produce adult movies. Currently, it is having some legal issues whereby it is suing certain individuals. In each suit, it alleges that the defendants used a certain software whereby they illegally downloaded Malibu media adult films in their devices. In order for the company to identify this people, they hired well-qualified computer investigators who tracked the I.P Addresses of the people who were downloading the films unlawfully and then later on sharing the films to other individuals. This type of pirating is usually really bad as it tends to affect the profit that the company would have gotten when they sold the copies to interested buyer. The company was known to invest in high-quality production which actually paid off as they ended up having many people subscribing and downloading the content. With the rise in followings, they choose to ensure that they realize a film every day which actually gathered a lot of profit on their part.

They later realize there was a problem when it came to their downloads due to people downloading their films unlawful therefore it ended up filing more than thirteen hundred copyright infringement lawsuits. There is no other film company that has had as many lawsuits as Malibu media has. Each day they have an average of three suits. Most of these cases are usually settled on confidential terms according to the court records that are there. If you do a thorough research, you will find that most of this individuals being sued usually settle by paying money that range from two thousand to thirty thousand dollars.

What is usually interesting is that the income that is usually earned by the suits that have been field are usually five percent of the profit that Malibu media usually makes. The lawsuits have really attracted a lot of attention, and many people are talking about it. Some of the judges agree that what they are doing is basically in the law meaning there is nothing wrong while other people in the law field feel like Malibu is making this to seem like a business to them because it is a bit interesting how a company can be filing three lawsuits every single day. Thou, the media house owners, claim that for them suing people is the only way they feel like the piracy can be stopped. Click here for more on Malibu Media LLC.


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